Monday, July 25, 2011

i wish that you would always stay

"tonight i'll burn the lyrics, 'cause every chorus was your name"

lately i've been having some of those moments that cause me to stop, take a second, and say to myself, "this is your life." i hate to sound like one of those girls who uses her media opportunities to make her life sound like it's straight off the hills. i also hate when people try to prove to their onlookers that they have an amazing life, worthy of everyone's envy. so not what i'm going for. regardless, there are moments worth documenting, and this is my blog so...

i feel like my life is always moving so quickly. and because i am constantly on the go, i've found that i often have to consciously tell myself to be present in the moment. the way that people carry cameras with them to develop a picture of something great that they saw, i am trying to carry...a heart that i can capture the really great moments and feelings and moods that i get the pleasure of experiencing on this journey.

i'm not very good at taking pictures. well...anyone can whip out a camera and snap a photo. what i mean is, i'm not very good at taking those 20 seconds to create the memory. i tend to fly right through all of the great experiences. so...i'm going to try something new. my new mission is to take those 20 seconds to grab the camera that exists within, capture the moment, and create the memory. 

some recent additions to my emotional scrapbook:

great lyrics (see laundry room lyrics posted above)
sitting on a friend's couch, with nothing to do but enjoy the company
seeing an adorable movie in a tiny old theater and walking back to the car in the rain
getting asked out by a cute boy
...going on the date with the cute boy :)
taking on new projects
discovering and enjoying the common bonds you share with your friends
seeing the avett brothers on stage
the hospitality of others
the return of a dear friend

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Shelley said...

Jordy...A friend asked me the other day, "who is this girl?" I answered, "mini-me." I love you!