Thursday, May 12, 2011

i'm willing to take the risk

in pursuit of rest,
i found hiding.
lying in the shade.
avoiding the light that so fully brings life.
feeble legs relieved,
sweat no longer imposing my brow.
finally! a place to sneak away.

turning cold, i miss the sun.
this is the solitude i once craved;
have i chosen my own abandonment?

stepping out of the cave, i feel lost.
i realize my trail is not mapped out.
so deluded by weeds and rocks, i see the journey will be tough.
impossible, even.

but i want to find the light.
the solitude that could not satisfy,
immediately replaced with a craving for something else.
something more.

i find the light, and journey up.
the sweat returns, my muscles quickly tire.
but i press on.
"you're almost there. it's worth it," says a passerby.
a fellow journeyman, who brings more hope than he will ever know.

and there it is.
i've reached the top.
i turn to see the view.

"take your moment," i hear myself say.
the journey up perfecting this gift.
and i quickly see that yes, 
it was completely worth it.

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