Friday, February 4, 2011

love has a mind of its own

[i'm sitting at a sidewalk table in north beach, listening to my mellow playlist and i just can't help but sing out loud. totally embarrassing, yet completely uncontrollable.]

i saw a tshirt today that looked like one of those magnets you put on the fridge. you know, the one that says, "today i'm feeling...," and you put a frame around the face that matches your mood.

something i've seen a million times, but in that split second after i saw the shirt, the concept suddenly took on a whole new meaning.
i love how my friends and i (and the rest of the universe) are constantly trying to figure it out, and yet i think the only conclusion we can really come to is's crazy.

some days i set out to conquer, to be a champion, to show life who's boss.
and some days i just try to make it through, to keep my head above water.

and it never ceases to amaze me just how many feelings can exist within me, one simple girl, on any given day.

today i'm feeling...
completely freaking scared

i'm gonna need a bigger frame. 

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Maddie M. said...

I love this. How completely true.