Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i'm a hustler baby

confession: i am completely obsessed with the rachel zoe team.


i've noticed that the team's vocabulary is beginning to seep into my brain, and it's taking over.
here are some of my absolute favorite rz team quotes:

"that is so major."
{duh...had to start here. classic.}
"i do love a morning that starts off with a client looking insane."
"i feel like i have been knifed in the back."
"i feel like a lesbian. i look like i'm supposed to go and dj atlanta."
{brad is definitely my favorite. i wish i could hang out with him everyday.}

i'm honestly not a big tv person, but bravo just gets me. i could watch bravo all day long. sometimes this embarrasses me, but whatevs.

happy hump day, friends!


Meghan said...

I JUST started watching RZ too and I am OBSESSED! I am pretty sure I dropped "major" in conversation at least 5 times this week.

Don't be embarrassed:) I'm right there with you when it comes to Bravo!

please sir said...

Yes I know what you mean - what a crazy, fun show!

Christina said...

so i know you started class and all but i miss your posts. hope its going well!

blue eyed night owl said...

Hey, haven't seen any new posts in a while. Hope you are busy with a lot of fun things and are doing well.