Wednesday, August 18, 2010

and as our eyes start to close, i turn to you and i let you know...

this post inspired by my blogger friend {who lives in the beloved chicago- ugh}, meghan


...i catch myself reciting all the lines as i watch you've got mail.
...i miss tulsa. it's so quaint and easy to maneuver.
...i watch non-Christmas movies that happen to take place at Christmas time, just so i can enjoy the holiday spirit without feeling like a freak.
...i get really mad at myself for not knowing how to cook!
...i think about not wearing any nail polish. i never follow through.
...when i make a new playlist, i discover that it has the exact same songs as another playlist i've already put together.
...i start books and never finish them. okay wait...most of the time i do this.
...i'm afraid of my emails and voicemails, so i let them pile up until i finally force myself to go through them.
...i laugh at the girls who are wearing makeup at the gym.
...i think little kids should be kept awake all day and adults should get two hour naps in the afternoon.
...i get confused about which hobbies i'm supposed to appreciate from afar, and which i should attempt to adapt as my own.
...i cry simply because some songs are just really beautiful. i can usually handle this about myself, but when it happens in front of other people it makes me feel like a total dweeb.
...i like to wake up early to go have a yummy breakfast by myself.
...i feel like the bigger my hair is, the better my day is going to be.
...i wonder how it's so easy for me to choose an outfit, when the day before i tried on everything in my closet and nothing worked. one of life's many mysteries, i suppose.
...i try to be a tea person. i can only remember one weekend in my life when tea brought me as much joy as coffee has for so many years.

so do it! share one of your "sometimes" with me...

ps. someone is mowing the lawn outside and i can smell the grass from my apartment. it smells so good.


sarah. said...

i'll do this post. next maybe. like... middle eastern styles. ;)

and p.s.: i just painted my nails. I was going to tell you on facebook, but then I read it here and decided to keep the apples with the apples, ya know what I mean? miss you.

Elizabeth Faraday said...

wow great post. love that picture!! and i love your hair one hahaha good idea!