Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'll take the long way 'round this time

a delightful early, foggy morning playlist...

rewind. paolo nutini
keep it loose, keep it tight. amos lee
only you. joshua radin
assassin. john mayer
you and i. ingrid michaelson
summer skin. death cab for cutie
here we go {acoustic version}. mat kearny
sky. joshua radin
notion. kings of leon
the funeral. band of horses
coffee. copeland
three more days. ray lamontagne
all my days. alexi murdoch
where i stood. missy higgins
farewell. rosie thomas
dogs. damien rice
distance. the lovell sisters
come on, come out. a fine frenzy
city of black & white. mat kearny
i just realized. matt wertz


Meghan said...

You've just featured so many of my favorite artists - thanks for the playlist!

Hillary said...

I'm glad to see Alexi on there. Is that due to my suggestion a few months back?
Miss you!!!