Thursday, April 8, 2010

this could be the start of something new

so it all started yesterday, when my bff asked me this one simple question:
"well...when was the last time you had sushi?"

i thought about it, and had trouble remembering.
this did not please me.

a few texts later, i had plans with a couple of my friends to meet up in the city for sushi. turns out our spot was closing just as we arrived, but they let us place a to go order, which we wound up eating in subway. random.

then we decided...we should probably karaoke. {duh!}
so we made our way over to the mint, and began deciding what we would be performing...

so many options.
but deep down, we all knew what we wanted had to sing.

sarah and jon: i want it that way {backstreet boys}
sarah: any man of mine {shania twain}
jon: follow me {uncle cracker}
jordan: you make my dreams {hall & oates}

...hee hee hee...

ps. before you judge, i just want you to turn on hall & oates and just TRY NOT DANCING!
also...yes i did in fact go to a karaoke bar in jorts and a tshirt. wow. but hey that's what happens when you live impulsively!

this was the first time i've ever karaoked...and i must was kind of exhilarating...

happy thursday.
much love.


sarah. said...

hahaha, i LOVE IT!!! that picture of you is quite possibly one that I want for a very. very. very long time to come. such a fun night!! thanks for being so spontaneous with me. you were KILLER on your first try at that bad boy!! love.

Meghan said...

Hall & Oates! We need to be friends!

pen.ny said...

god i used to be so in love with kareoke and somewhere over time i've become deathly afraid of it! what?! i don't know either!

(love that mr. big quote you put up yesterday btw, meant to tell you!)

Anonymous said...

hooray for spontaneity!

Anonymous said...

hahaha karaoke needs to be an if you never did you should :P
thanks for the roller derby name idea! totally put that in there. im jackknife jodi!

blue eyed night owl said...

What a cool day!
I ordered sushi a few days ago, but have never karaoked. Not sure I'd have the guts for it, but it does seem fun.

Oh and I love That Thing You Do too. Such a great movie!