Tuesday, April 6, 2010

paint me in your sunshine

weekend/beginning in review:

i do really well when i choose to be alone. i'm a total girl when i don't.

duffy just might be the greatest hot-tub companion in the world.

if i go into h&m and then proceed to try on, i will definitely not be leaving empty handed. done deal.

i like brussel sprouts.

paul's amberales + sunlight + chocolate covered sunflower seeds + good conversations about tupac and missy elliott 
= perfection.

dinner parties with a bunch of strangers can be so much fun.
{well...strangers + 1 really great family + 1 completely FAB friend}

so ready to make at&t park my 2nd home again this summer.

watching {eh hem} someone attempt to wear a coffee mug as a ring is enough to make me cry...from laughter.

watching that same someone carry my heart to such new and amazing places might also be enough to make me cry...for different reasons.

"why be alone when we can be together baby? you can make my life worthwhile, i can make you start to smile"
{mr. big}


blue eyed night owl said...

Oh yeah, when you get to that trying on stage there is no turning back.

sarah. said...


ms. megan reed said...

did you pick up any of the garden collection pieces from h&m? i wanted the long sleeve floral print flowy dress and both locations i went to were sold OUT of it!

i am headed to a giants game next week...can't wait!


Naomi said...

your random thoughts crack me up!