Thursday, April 29, 2010

"i KNOW you're ready!"

big, fat old testament exam this morning.
i started studying on monday {SO not like me}.

i woke up at 5:30 in the am, and made my way to starbucks to secure everything in my brain.
i fell down on the sidewalk outside. i guess my eyes were still adjusting to the early hour.
bff's response when i told her: "omg! was your computer ok?!" {we are so alike in this way of thinking...i stick my arm out to protect my computer when i have to slam on the brakes while driving}
this was my recap: "only my hand, my toe-nail polish, and my pride were hurt."

anyway, now for a visual on how i felt leaving the classroom post-exam...

and now i am enjoying marin coffee roasters in san anselmo. delish.
free wi-fi. cappuccino. lots of light and windows. and this nice little touch...
flowers make me smile.

i love thursdays.
after work, i have my dance class at the gym. so ready. i just love it.
and then i have the night to myself.
no homework. no responsibilities.
i plan to light the candles. cook myself some din din. read just a little {for pleasure}. and watch you've got mail in its entirety. 


ahlin said...

oh love that scene. and that feeling.

thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog. you are so nice! :)

bekah said...

I love Marin Coffee Roasters! I am also jealous of your evening, sounds wonderful, I am dreaming of those in June!

Meghan said...

Great video:)

And congrats!!! I love your positive attitude and the fact that the world is now at your fingertips!

sarah. said...

haha, you DID rock it. I saw your professor this morning and all I could hear in my head was 'i KNOW YOU'RE ready!!'


Anonymous said...

I love that movie! What are you studying? and YAY for the evening's plans. sounds like a blast. really!


Elizabeth said...

This video is one of my favorites...seriously, such a pick-me-up. And don't we all trip on campus at least once in our lives? It's a right of passage :)

Naomi said...

I feel sorry for your nail polish, but super glad you rocked the exam!!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

oh man that sounds like a dream come true. Not the fall of course but all the other things lady :) enjoy xx