Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what's going on?

today i'm feeling:
did i make that up?
sitting here listening to ub40 is making me smile and sway my hips a little bit as i dream about dancing on the beach with a hot guy {blonde hair, blue eyes, about 6'1"}. pina colada in hand.

today i'm afraid of:
my okie friends having too much fun without me tonight.
{selfish, i know, but hey- i'm a work in progress!}

today i'm grateful for:
good conversations with a few people that mean the world to me.
{sister, boy, chel, april}

today i'm looking forward to:
my parents visit in june, trip to disney world in the fall, getting in touch with my "inner artist," potential forbes island date

today i'm neglecting:

today i'm proud of myself for:
maybe loving too much


Christina said...

love your lists, :)

one sydney road said...

what a lovely list! i like the dreamish - i can relate :)!

tiffany said...

cute bloggy! i like this post :)


briannelee said...

UB40... love it ;)

Thank you for the comment on my blog!!!

blue eyed night owl said...

I've been slacking on blogs too, reading them, but also writing a little, I used to do it every day but find myself skipping it more often. I'm getting back on track though.

Even though I always look forward to your posts I discovered that I missed some too. Even one with a Paolo Nutini quote!

So I guess we're even:P

I hope you're still having fun despite being without your friends!

emilia. said...

cute list. your blog is so cute! :)

{Sprinkle Diary} Maddie. said...

I adore your lists :) And your choice of fonts is spectacular.
I agree, I had no idea Omaha had it in 'er either! I was actually dreading the trip until we got there, when I was pleasantly suprised.

xoxo M.

Alicia said...

oh i like these lists...! :)

sarah. said...

i want my hair to be as long as hers....

Anonymous said...

Are you going to go to the Harry Potter land when you visit Disney World?!?
You should, just stop by Orlando Studios!

Missy said...

fun post!

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