Tuesday, March 16, 2010


okay so i have an update for you...

closet door: 3
jordan: 0
boy: 1

though i can't take any credit for getting that awful thing down, i will say that i chose the boy who would have the brawn to come in and get the job done. therefore, i will consider this our victory {and i think he will be okay with this}.  either way, i am just so glad to have this curtain up in its place- it makes for a much more enjoyable morning experience!

project day 1:

the sun on my face gives me hope to press on.
breaking free,
i move forward until my feet touch the water.
meeting the edge,
i kneel and let the great pacific wash over my wounds.
breathing deep, 
i take in all that she longs to provide,
standing still,
i experience the beauty of my Maker,
turning back, 
i move toward a new day.
the sun on my face gives me hope to press on. 

happy tuesday.


Alex Stoltze said...

Thanks for you comments! Happy tuesday! Your a great writer!

Alicia said...

haha, glad you have the curtain up ;) and yay for another sf blogger!! thanks for your comment and for agreeing with me that treats are totally deserved when dealing with parking!

Christina said...

i'm proud of you, it looks great.

and of course you can come. i'll let you know when i get a plan in order. :) fun!

sarah. said...

that's a pretty, shabby chic curtain ya got there. let's work on some furniture. seriously.

(i hate entering word verification.)

see you tonight. wear green or i'll pinch you. ;)

Naomi said...

congrats! Doesn't it feel good to finish a project?

Yea, soooo totally flaked on Zumba. Hopefully I will have the energy to shake it next week.

~April Joy~ said...

and YOU! so proud of this new exposure to the brave Jordie. Don't forget to date your "inner artist" haha.

ps i agree with swiems - my word verification is hatoid.. which sounds like Hate-oid. like a this baby feeling of hate towards word verification-oid.