Monday, March 22, 2010


this morning i was having a conversation with a friend, and i felt like i was back in middle school again. after i hung up, i just saw myself as this dorky girl in the midst of all of puberty's glory. we're talking drew barrymore in never been kissed kind of behavior. i over-shared. i stumbled over my words. i think i seemed way more enthused than my friend. it was just weird.

and what really blows my mind is that i felt that way pretty much  all day long.
i mean...what's with that?

anyway...crossing my fingers...
that this is just me being a girl, 
that i am the only one pickin' up on the josie grossy behavior, 
and that this feeling is gone when i wake up in the morning.

i guess the good news is that things worked out pretty well for her in the end. prom queen and she gets the boy. done deal.
"can i have 5 minutes on the clock please?"

really hoping that some of you do this too


Staciela said...

hey! this is definitely a delayed response, but i was away in Florida for a while so i hope all is forgiven ;) but i hear you on jgl being underrated! my favorite part in the movie was when he was dancing in the street after having sex. the song come on when i was in the grocery store and i just started laughing! haha

Taj Acosta said...

Totally have these moments! Hope you are having a better day! xoxo