Wednesday, March 31, 2010

of all the fish in the sea, you would be the greatest catch

sunday, after church, boy and i took the ferry into the city.
it was wonderful. i love the ferry. and i love the city.

bc it was such a dreary beautiful day, we decided to have lunch out on the deck at pier 23.
we prefer pier 23 for like a nighttime, somewhere fun to have a drink kind of experience.
but the sunshine and the bay were nice. and so was the company.

we then made our way to the crazy touristy part of the wharf.
and as we were walking we decided that the bay aquarium looked like it might be fun.
so we gave it a shot.
it was such a colorful experience.

the pink and orange guy in the bottom-left photo was my absolute favorite, boy liked the yellow guy behind dory.
don't worry: i definitely climbed onto the rocks, with all the other 6 year olds, to touch the starfish.
slimy, but worth it.

the entire day, from start to finish, was pretty much perfect. after being in class  all day  on saturday, this was such a nice way to make the most of my weekend.  ...all this talk about the weekend is getting me anxious for the one to come! 
hump day is so exciting, right? definitely my favorite in the monday through friday lull :)
ugh i'm only 23 and i already live for the weekends. frightening!


"so come on love (come on, come one, come all and go) nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, i will not let you go"


Christina said...

that does sound like the perfect day. jacob and i went to the aquarium at the academy of sciences and it was so fun. i'm glad you touched the starfish. that is the best part. :) what do your fridays look like? i'm free around lunch this friday and i'll be in mill valley so we should get togethers.

Alicia said...

sounds like a fun day! haha, i live for the weekends too!! yay for hump day..;)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Sounds like a great day!

Elizabeth said...

I love this post...the aquarium in Boston is super awesome. You just reminded me :)

Naomi said...

awe i love random days like that. i haven't been to the aquarium since... my prom. weird, right? we had it in the shark tank!

Anonymous said...

aw what a lovely day :)

Meghan said...

It sounds incredible!

Nicole Marie said...

i've actually never been to the aquarium here. i need to do that!