Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i think i think too much

...wednesday thoughts...

sometimes i think i have better taste in music than others. is that terrible of me??

this guy two tables over keeps calling the girl he is meeting with "sweetie." i find it disturbing.
{they're not dating or anything. she's married to someone from beliz}

...apparently i need to learn to  mind my own business :)

do you ever feel like the bigger slash crazier your hair is, the more fun and mysterious you are?
{ neither...}

i hate it when i sort my laundry, and try to prioritize the loads, but each load has something i desperately need.
{in college, i sorted my laundry by priority, but i've ruined too many white tshirts doing that}

project...we'll go 3...

"baby, you remind me of a jar of glitter, 'cause when i look at you, all you do is shine"
{me. don't's gonna be an amazing song :) }


sarah. said...

:) I like your lyrics.
i hate your word verification.

dani kreeft said...

ha. ok. yes, i agree with the first one. not bad to say, only because i think EVERYONE thinks it.

whoever buys nickelback, hedley or simple plan records deserves a swift kick in the head.

ha. happy wednesday thoughts.
rad blog!


Naomi said...

minding your business is boring. i love people watching and listening!

ps- guess who finally zumba-ed? so uncoordinated, but it was awesome!