Monday, March 1, 2010

dreams on fire

i love this.

today i'm going to try some goal-setting.
i don't want to just float through life all the time. 
how can you make sure you are getting what you want out of life, if you don't even know what you want?

this week i need to / want to / have to:

get back to zumba on tuesday morning. i love it. why am i dreading it?

do some homework in advance. i'm a's what i'm here to do.

drink more coffee. fewer lattes, macchiatos, vanilla chais. just coffee.
on that note, i should probably throw a little more h2o into the mix. duh.

choose one b.o.r.i.n.g. weekday to put as much effort into my appearance as i would if i were going out.

make my apartment look a little more like home. i want to love it.

fall asleep to my favorite chick flicks again. i did this every night in college and i don't do it anymore. i miss it.

{what are you hoping to accomplish this week??}

"baby, you've got the sort of hands to rip me apart. and baby you've got the sort of face to start this old heart."


blue eyed night owl said...

I know exactly what you mean by dreading something you love, sometimes you just don't feel like it at all. But usually when you do it you do love it again.

Sometimes I dress up when I'm just staying at home, I'll put on a nice outfit, jewelry, sometimes even make-up. It can get me into this really effective, elegant and happy mood. But only if I really feel like it.

This week? I'm hoping to do a lot. Send a package, go to the gym and to art school, visit a few people, hopefully make stuff for the store. But most of my time I'll try to build up my portfolio.

Lovely quote! I love Ingrid and she's so nice, I met her after a Jason Mraz concert I only went to to see her. I couldn't believe she was signing cd's later on.

ahlin said...

zumba. love.
looking hawt. yes.
chick flicks. my heart.

love this list!

i want catch some sleep.
and surprise someone.
and give a double take.

pen.ny said...

zumba! my first class i nearly peed myself laughing with a friend (we had NO idea what we were in for!) and good god the workout was GOOD! our instructor is what made it so funny. i wish i could begin to explain. out. of. control.

i like to go every now and then, something different.