Thursday, January 14, 2010

"this is our lucky day, man"

yet another great california morning.
i started my day with an adventure (jog/walk/photo session) across the gg bridge.

i got these great photos of some of the bay's inhabitants.
the crabs are my favorite.
the guys who got them out of the water were completely stoked.
one of them told me that a fisherman rarely pulls that many up at once.

"this is our lucky day, man"
were his exact words.

i walked away feeling like the lucky one.

time for another personal moment:
i live here.
...i love reminding myself of that.

anyway...i won't bore you with all the details {honestly, my head was filled with beautiful thoughts, that i fear would be redundant for you}. i definitely have a california high this morning. just saying.

thanks for reading.

"you make me never forget how it feels to be that fortunate someone"
sticky sweet {erin mccarley}


sarah. said...

the most beautiful post yet.

keep it up, little lady. :)

Christina said...

what a sweet post, you'll have to show me how you did the collage. love it.

kelly summers said...

beautiful..I LOVE the photos. you are very creative