Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my judgment's getting kinda hazy

last night i randomly took some time to clean out my purse.
let me tell was mildly alarming {as always}.
it amazes me how every single bag i carry collects a scary accumulation of the strangest things.

here were some of my finds:
several unwrapped pieces of gum
3 movie tickets {new moon, a single man, sherlock holmes}
tons of change {even a dollar coin thing- that was exciting!}
a coupon for a free cup of coffee
and a few buttons that fell off my sad little phone

...always an adventure!
i expect it to be much easier for me to find my chapstick now :)

ps the bag shown is not the bag i recently cleaned out. this is just one of anthro's many lust-worthy items.

anyway, i'm going to continue looking at fun blogs for a bit and then read more about santiago's adventures before heading to work. happy hump day!

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