Friday, January 29, 2010

the feelin' comes shinin' through

so i'll be honest...
today was a bit of a
{blah} day.

which i'm usually not okay with,
but in all reality,
it is necessary to experience
{blah} days
in order to
days. give my friday a little cred,
it did have a few really fantastic moments:
{in order of significance...well...reverse order. the last is the BEST}
1. chipotle open until 10
2. tonight's moon is the biggest and brightest full moon for all of 2010. 
the sky is completely rockstar tonight.
3. i found an extra $20 in my purse! wild!!
4. i went to trader joe's for my boss today, and guess what came on...
none other than
caught up in you {.38 special}
which just so happens to be my absolute favorite song right now.
no lie, i was singing and dancing {while talking on the phone} in the check-out line.

so you see...
i've decided that it's okay to have a {blah} day every now and then.

...anxiously awaiting tomorrow...

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