Tuesday, January 5, 2010

every girl out wants to be her

i went for a hike this morning and left feeling completely refreshed. i'll be honest though: i have yet to conquer my fear of coyotes. yikes. don't worry...none were spotted.

as i was driving home, i passed by this unbelievably rad row of mail boxes. they just rock, i'll be honest. and i kid you not, i drove by them 3 times wanting to stop to take a picture, and failed.

this got me going on a whole new idea for my not-so-resoluted 2010. i want to be the kind of girl who does what she wants. forget fears and hesitations. go with the impulse. you want to do it, so do it!

so here is the result of a very heated 2 minute internal debate...

...looks like 2010 is off to a great start.


Joey Brisson said...

That Impulse/just do it stuff has caused
me to hurt a lot of
people throughout my life. I think caution must
be used when listening to that gut feeling. Sounds
fun though, can be impulsive too?

sarah. said...

get it, girl! you know i've got your back on this one. SO proud of you for taking that picture and not being fearful. you read the bible--it says "fear not." so stop it and start doing what your heart is telling you. i have a terrible/funny story to tell you tomorrow... about how i should've listened to myself and instead chickened out... oh yes, another same story. i need to stop these. ;)

jordan said...

well joey, in reference to your comment, i think i mean more like this kind of stuff. small stuff. probably the kind of things that most people wouldn't even notice. such as taking a picture on the side of the road. like...i over-think EVERYTHING. for once i would like to reach a point in my life, where i just tell my mind to shut up so that i can relax a little. and yes...i'm thinking it WILL be fun :) and maybe, just maybe, you can experience with me the kind of stuff i'm talking about.

and sarah, my dear, i love you. i think that you can probably help me with this life adventure! umm...you have me NERVOUS about your story. i remember how the last one turned out, and i'm just not sure i'm ready for another!!!! :-) ready for tomorrow!

jordan said...

ps- i've been thinking about this, and joey i did just want to say that the things you mentioned have crossed my mind! and i think that your comment was super cute! :)