Monday, November 23, 2009


for now, i am saying hello. not just a greeting or salutation. perhaps it is more of a welcome sign. welcome to my life. there are many things that i keep at arms-length. i'm not sure why. fear, i suppose. i want to uncover these things (or people), overcome my fears, and welcome them in.

so today i'm saying hello to...


fear in saying hello to me:

finding things i (or others) may not like.

i'm messy.
i don't love animals.
i can sleep for a loooong time, and not feel bad about it.
i think putting on my sweats is more fun than putting on a cute outfit.
i need coffee.
i like britney spears.

...just to name a few.

SO, me: i can't promise anything rational or safe or lovely. but welcome.


Mr Brisson said...

Hi you. I feel guilty when I'm in bed to long.
Nice to meet you though, you look
good in those sweats ! Can I make you some

jordan said...

you can make me coffee any day!