Wednesday, November 11, 2009

good stuff numero tres

and the hump day good stuff is: my family. they're lovely.

my DAD: he is a sensitive guy. sweetest man ever, but always our family's strong protector.

my MOM: she would do anything for her family. RIDICULOUSLY funny and kind of a spaz. she doesn't know how wonderful she is. definitely one of my closest friends.

my SISTER: she is this tiny little thing with SO much spunk. and she is more like my mom than she will ever know or admit, which MIGHT be my favorite thing about her.

my BROTHER (in-law, but brother none the less): he puts up with 2 incredibly sassy women every single day. those girls are crazy! i commend him. hee hee

& my NIECE: she cannot be anything but adorable. she wants to be taylor swift (she is 2).

they are on my mind this morning, and i am so grateful for them. i'm ridiculously blessed.

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