Sunday, November 1, 2009

afternoon delight

having one of those sunday afternoons that just makes ya feel good.

listening update:

"in the stars" is a song by jess penner; i could sit and listen to the first 30 seconds all day long. it's a fun little tune that puts a smile on my face.

YouTube - JillandKate Sing! also, "finding my own way" by jill and kate is legit. this is just a little clip. it's delicious.

and confession: i have a few guilty pleasures. they come in the form of lady gaga, britney spears, and amanda blank. these are the women i turn to for a little sunshine on mondays.

YouTube - Amanda Blank Something Bigger, Something Better (not something i'd listen to with my mom, but i just can't get enough of it)

1 comment:

chels liane said...

i love that you say 'not something i would listen to with my mom' haha so true! but those are always the most fun to drive to. so ready for us to get to 'ride' together and have a complete jam session!